PS 41 DEI Committee


Create a safe space at PS 41 for our Black and brown students while giving our entire student population the skills and resources needed to see racism and become responsible citizens of the future.

High LEveL Goals

  • Ensuring a robust and challenging curriculum that showcases diverse narratives and accurately connects the past to the present.

  • Ensuring all staff members know how to handle racism when it arises.

  • Ensuring students are taught how to have recognize racism, engage in difficult conversations and respond productively.

  • Ensuring Black and brown representation across all levels of faculty.

Detailed Agenda


  • Implementation of comprehensive CRJE partnership where the core values are a part of 41’s curriculum and that every staff member is trained

  • DEI Committee page on the PS 41 website akin to the PAC page

  • Inclusion of the DEI Committee’s work in regular PTA email blast to the entire school community.

  • Acknowledgement and support of DEI Committee by Kelly Shannon in her principal emails to the entire school community

For 2020/2021 School Year

  • Full curriculum evaluation across all subjects with CR-SE framework

  • Black and brown representation in SLT, PTA, Equity Committee and other school groups

  • PTA to create a position for VP or Co-VP of DEI

  • Past & current demographic data collection/analysis (disciplinary, academic, IEP data, staffing -- lead teachers and administrators, etc).

  • In partnership with CRJE conduct a climate survey at PS 41.

  • Clearly documented process for appropriate handling of instances dealing with the use of slurs, derogatory language and discrimination against Black and brown students, families, caregivers, staff and administrators . This process should be included as part of training for every staff member at PS 41.

  • Staff- Level changes- ensure hiring of a Black guidance counselor who is trained in racial trauma in children.

Longer Term

  • Staff-Level Changes - demonstrated record by PS 41 administration on the recruitment/hiring/retaining Black and brown teachers and administrators, and at least one Black guidance counselor or social worker

  • Sharing PTA funding with under-resourced schools

  • Documented protocol/plan/process for ensuring that Black families feel welcomed and heard at PS 41 to ensure retention of Black and brown students.

Disclaimer: The PS 41 DEI Committee is a wholly independent group created and run by PS 41 families and community members. It is not a part of the PS 41 PTA or managed by the PS 41 Administrative team.